Crossings Table Talk

Have you been missing getting together?   Talking theology?  Getting excited about the Gospel?  So have we!   

Here’s what we want to do, and we hope y’all can join us!   

We will get together once a month and discuss – not a book – but an essay from our Crossings library.  There will be a different discussion leader for each session for the sake of variety and emphases. 

Here’s the lineup and dates for the first three months of Table Talks. (All are on Tuesdays at 1:00 Central Time.)

 October 6, 1 PM CST

The Lively Use of the Risen Lord” by Robert W. Bertram
Discussion Leader:  Steve Albertin


The Lively Use of the Risen Lord

November 10, 1 PM CST

The Miller Lectures: “Luther and the Liberation of the Laity: Part I: The Liberation They Enjoy” and
“Part II: The Freedom They Employ”
by Edward Schroeder
Discussion leader:  Fred Niedner

December 8, 1 PM CST

“The Hermeneutical Significance of Apology IV” by Robert W. Bertram
Discussion Leader:  Steven Kuhl


These talks will be free and we hope you will join us, but you MUST pre-register via email with Cathy Lessmann.  After registering, you will receive an invitation to join our Zoom-based Crossings Table Talk.   

If this time-slot is not good for you , but you’re interested in future Table Talks, let us know what other days/times would be better.  This will help in our future planning.

 Sign up…  Spread the news...  See you soon!