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You’ve been told that Jesus’ death on the cross is good news for you. Have you ever heard it that way? Have you felt it in your bones?

If you’re longing for more, Crossings is here to help you experience the relief, grace, and joy of the Good News — every day of the week. Join us in crossing the Word of God with daily life.

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The Varied People of Crossings

Crossings is a community of welcoming, inquisitive people who want to explore how what we hear at church is useful and beneficial in our daily lives.
Lay People + Clergy Describe Their Crossings Beginnings

“I found Crossings when I searched the internet for resources in teaching Lutheran theology. I ran across Ed Schroeder’s Thursday Theology posts, and it felt like I was going home — back to the dining room table of my grandparents’ house. Only this time, I understood what I was hearing (reading).”
Chris Repp
“I grew up in a devout Lutheran setting where I absorbed the substance of the Biblical story and the Christian faith. I was glad to believe it, which is not to say that I “got” it. I was already in my second year of seminary when a certain professor finally helped me hear what I hadn’t heard yet: Good News at its best; Christ crucified for me as I hadn’t dared to imagine, and not just for me, but for every other human being too. This teacher went on to co-found Crossings. I couldn’t help but be drawn in.”
Jerry Burce
“Nearly 40 years ago, I strove to do everything right as a dedicated mother and wife. I was so concerned with having to be GOOD that I was constantly anxious and depressed. I remember the moment vividly when the Crossings message clicked in my mind. I was out for an evening run and suddenly realized I GET to be good. I skipped the whole way home as I felt the joy and relief sweep through me.”
Cathy Lessmann
Lay Leader
“I wasn’t raised in the church, but I decided to become baptized when I started grad school. With the zealousness of an adult convert, I dove headfirst into Crossings coursework with Ed Schroeder, one of the Crossings founders. Because I wasn’t a cradle Lutheran, the Crossings teachings became my version of confirmation classes (at a later age), allowing me to go deeper into my faith. Crossings helps me feel liberated through law, Gospel, and theology.”
Sherman Lee
Executive Director

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  • Bear Wade

    After watching this video again, you can tell that Bruce has so much experience. What a gift to the Crossings…

About Us

In the early 1970s two seminary professors listened to the plea of some lay Christians. “Can you help us live out our faith in the world of daily work?” they asked. “Can you help us connect Sunday worship with our lives the other six days of the week?”  That is how Crossings was born.


The Crossings Community, Inc. welcomes all people looking for a practice they can carry beyond the walls of their church service and into their daily lives. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, ethnic origin, or gender in any policies or programs.

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