Chad Bird on the Baptism of Jesus

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The Hebrew Stories Swimming Beneath Jesus’s Baptism


Today’s post is the briefest ever, at least where our own writers are concerned. It consists of a link we want you to follow to a little essay by Chad Bird. Bird will be one of the key presenters at our forth coming conference (January 26-29). Here, then, is a foretaste of what to expect if you come, or a foreboding of what you’ll miss if you don’t. We hope you’ll be there, of course. It’s not too late to register. Such joy it will be to see you again—or to meet you for the first time.

Aside from this, Bird’s essay sheds some plain-speaking light on Matthew’s account of Jesus’ baptism, the Gospel text that lots of us will be listening to this coming Sunday. The light emanates from the Old Testament, Bird’s academic specialty. It will come as a reminder to some of us that there are depths of Gospel in that older testament that ache to be explored.

Here’s the link. Plunge in!

Peace and Joy,

The Crossings Community

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