We will work with you to create a workshop that fits your group and needs.

Workshops include:

  • Learning Crossings’ distinctive 6-step method for interpreting the Bible
  • Exploring issues that confront you in daily life: What you do and what it does to you.
  • Learning how to “cross” (connect) God’s Word and daily life using the 6-step method.

Format flexible:

  • Weekend event (Friday evening, Saturday all day) concluding with Sunday morning
  • One-day workshop
  • Half-day or evening workshop
  • Design your own format

Variable Audience:

  • Congregational Members, Church Council, School Staff
  • Small Groups, Youth groups, Ecumenical Groups
  • Church-workers, World-workers, both

Knowledgeable Leaders:

  • A Trained Member of the Crossings Community

Affordable Cost:

  • Half Day Event: $350 + travel, housing, meal expenses
  • One Day Event: $600 + travel, housing, meal expenses
  • Weekend Event: $800 + travel, housing, meal expenses

To Get Started Contact Us:

Sample Brochures

Participants will be enlightened, inspired and encouraged

in their callings to follow Jesus Christ in daily life.