Crossings Film Series: Rob Saler’s 2019 Crossing Conference Presentation

If you were not able to make it to last year’s conference, or even if you were, check out this great video presentation. Join Rob Saler as he gives his presentation from the 2019 International Crossings Conference, Practicing the Hidden God. Be sure to like us on Facebook! And Subscribe to our YouTube Channel!

Crossings Film Series: Nathan Schroeder

  Nathan Schroeder shares how he uses Crossings every day. He also describes the concept of God’s Law: How it helps keep civilization in place, but it’s impossible for people to do right all the time. He also describes God’s Promise: It doesn’t replace the law, but God steps into the world to meet us where we are. Nathan feels …

Crossings Film Series: Fred Niedner

Crossings Film Series 2019 – Fred Niedner from Unify Creative Agency on Vimeo. The Crossings Community was fortunate to have the Rev. Dr. Fred Niedner offer the keynote presentation at the 2019 International Crossings Conference. Fred spoke on the topic of divine silence and the issue of squaring the notion of an all-powerful and loving God with seemingly innocent human …

Crossings Film Series: Linda Strader

Linda Strader was first introduced to the Crossings Community by her pastor. Since then, she has attended the Crossings Conference as a seminary student and now as a first-call pastor. She has always found the conference presenters challenging and thought-provoking. Be sure to like us on Facebook! And Subscribe to our YouTube Channel!

Crossings Film Series: Richard Chiu

Having lived in Singapore for over a decade, Richard Chiu has experienced a unique life as a Lutheran pastor. With only about 3000 members of the Lutheran Church in the country, he finds himself in the religious minority. However, the Crossings conference reminds him that he is not alone, but part of a larger Christian body. The Crossings conference has …