#781 The Awards Ceremony Address You Wish Your Child Might Have Heard

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For this week’s offering we need you to open the attached PDF file. We got this from Cathy Lessmann of the Crossings office, who got it from it from Andrew Mueller, a graduating senior at Lutheran High School North in St. Louis. It’s a copy of a typewritten manuscript produced by his father, Pr. Richard E. Mueller of Atonement Lutheran Church, Florissant, Missouri, for a recent speech at the school’s annual awards ceremony. I’m sure there’s software available for stripping text from a PDF document and making it available for other applications, but we don’t have it and can’t take time right now to look for it; so we’ll hope instead that that all of you will be able to read the PDF file. If not, take a moment to download Adobe’s Acrobat Reader.

We’ll let Pr. Mueller’s words speak for themselves, with two quick notes. First, we send it to you with Pr. Mueller’s permission. Second, if you wonder why he takes pains to underscore that he’s not preaching a sermon, the answer is that he’s an ELCA pastor (ex-LCMS) speaking at a school that follows LCMS rules about who’s allowed to preach and who is not. No comment.

Peace and Joy,
Jerry Burce, for the editorial team

Senior Assembly Keynote Speech