Adding a new Thursday Theology, Text Study, or Blog Post

00:02 Hi, this is Bear Wade and I’m gonna show you how to uh create a thirsty theology text study or blog post and it’s all kind of the same so I’m gonna show you how to do that right now.

00:15 Once you’ve lost to your wordpress site and you get to the dashboard. For the most part you’re gonna go to post but you might also go to text study.

00:27 They basically look the same and they’re built the same but if you go to text study. Umm. If you’re if you’re creating text study you go there but for here I’m gonna show you how to do a post.

00:37 You’re gonna go to add new. If you want to see old posts you could. Click there but uh from there you’re gonna add the title.

00:47 And I assume all these have been you know you’re cutting and pasting essentially so you can put in the title here and then you’re gonna put in the copy itself.

00:56 And then underneath that once you’re done if you want to do any other formatting you can also click this button to add a block.

01:05 So if you want to add images or a gallery or you can see here I clicked more. There’s other things in here that you can do.

01:13 You can add video. Umm for the most part you’re just doing text and images so you might click. Click image and click you added in there. 01:23 Then you upload it from your media library. And uh, it’s pretty straightforward. Um, from there if you want to delete it you can delete it.

01:33 When you’re done with that and you’ve put all your content in. Umm. There will be other information here. And um, you can either close those.

01:42 There’s nothing here that you need to go through. There’s a bunch of stuff here. But none of it is relevant to what you’re doing.

01:49 And same thing with this. So we’re just going to close that. But on. On the, uh, side here. Um, there are some things that you want to make sure you look at before publishing.

02:00 Uh, first of all. Too published. You would click this publish button. It’s blacked out because we haven’t put anything in yet.

02:09 Um, the post will format. You’re going to leave this same. Uh, the category. You’re going to go in here and add any categories that are relevant to the post that you’re making.

02:23 So if it’s Thursday theology. Thursday theology. You’d want to put that in. So you check that box. Any tags. So anything that are like uh tags are what are used to umm, uses keywords for searching. 02:41 So if you have anything in here that you know if it’s a book review or if it’s uh something about Martin Luther you know you would you’d put those in and you just add a comment between each one.

02:52 Uh. And then from there you’d want to add a featured image. So let me show you from the front end.

02:57 Just for a second here. What these look like. Um. I’m going to get out of here for just a second. 03:04 Go back to the home page. And I recommend having both two tabs open. So one is the back end and one is the front end.

03:15 It is always handy when editing in WordPress. I’m going to be a quick little overview here. It’s going a little slow because I’m recording this video at the same time.

03:26 But basically, you’ll see here under Thursday theology, this first one about um. Um. Bob and Ed which is pretty neat.

03:34 Um. But you can see that if you. This auto-populate. It’s on the home page because that button was checked. See how it says Thursday theology here.

03:47 And that’s because this category was checked for Thursday theology. So you want to make sure that’s checked. The tags are just you know.

03:53 They’re optional, but you want to make sure that you have one of these categories checked. Um either it’s a blog or and that you know that helps it populate it to where it goes under.

04:07 So you’ll see this is the face seeking understanding, volume one. You can see the categories here. Uh this is tech study.

04:17 Film series. See film series here. know so it’s kind of nice kind of river you know way to reverse engineer what uh what’s available. 04:28 So they have that and then when you’re done with that you want to add a featured image so that. That is the image that goes along that’s this photo that’s this photo for this article and this photo for this article so you can see how if you don’t put a featured image it’s not going to show there won’t

04:45 be a photo that goes up and we know that’s very important to identify give the article something some identity so make sure you add a featured image and you don’t have to do anything for the excerpt umm post views you don’t have to do anything there post format you don’t have to do anything or a subtitle

05:08 but our author is something that you want to do so right now because I’m logged in as the support I can’t it says author but what we want to do is not necessarily put the person who’s publishing but the person who’s writing it who’s written it so if it was submitted by somebody who’s not an author here

05:29 let’s say Steve Albert team let’s see yeah he doesn’t have an account because he wouldn’t do anything with the website but he would write something about it so we’d want to make sure that we have testy testers and uh that was a test obviously um but we want to add Steve Albert in as a um as an author

05:49 so the way we we we I don’t know if we can do that in here I think we have to yeah we’d have to go in and add him as an author um and I’ll show you how to do that in a second but once you assign the author or a co-author you could you you would then click publish and then it’ll show up if for some reason

06:09 they’re out of order uh when you go back here like this one It shouldn’t be the newest um there should be one before that.

06:18 The way you would do that is the way you would adjust it is by the date and time. And so you would go to uh uh publish immediately and change the date and the time um to not be right this moment but a day before um or day after whatever and that would help rearrange these.

06:38 So these are in reverse chronological order so this is the the newest um article published. Um obviously what you’re seeing here isn’t probably what the newest site is.

06:50 So obviously, but you kind of get the idea. And then I think that’s it from here. Uh let me show you how the um go I’m gonna leave says are you sure you didn’t do anything.

07:02 And then same thing for like I said same thing for. know, text studies. But the author if you want to go into uh authors.

07:15 And you can add an author’s name. And then it’ll show up over here. And you can. Let’s just go ahead and put in Steve.

07:23 I want to make sure I don’t misspell his last name. Cause I’m terrible that way. Where does Steve’s name? I know it’s in the article itself.

07:38 I’m just gonna make sure I you know don’t mess it up. Oh this is a transcript so I’m not sure if his name’s actually gonna be in here.

07:51 See how it has me as the author? Well, it should be under Steve. So that’s something new for the thing.

07:57 Um, so um, let me check here real quick. I’m side here. I think it’s a Albertin, so I’m sure.

08:15 Hey, don’t. 10, there you go. And I even have a photo of him, but I can edit here. We don’t need any other info about him.

08:39 And then the avatar is custom image. Select image. I’m gonna go try and find. Umm, let’s see if I have one in here.

08:51 In the little media library. There he is. Let’s just go ahead and use that. That looks nice. I be any of these here really.

08:59 He’s got some good ones. So we’ll put that in. Click update. Thank you. And that’ll show up then with that.

09:05 Um. So let me just go ahead and change this. Just so you can see how that works real quick. Um, so that was under posts.

09:21 Faith. Faith seeking understanding chapter nine. I can do all the faith seeking understanding to be honest with you. Faith seeking.

09:29 It’s gonna do us. Search. There we go. If I do a quick edit, can I change the author? Here we go.

09:46 Chew, Steve, S-T-E-E. Searching. Still searchin’. Not sure why that isn’t working. I can’t so that and go in and do it at it real quick and we’ll wrap up here but that’s, you get what we’re going for here right?

10:25 I’m so sorry. I’m so I’m so Thank you. It looks like it’s taking a minute. Oh, I don’t want to.

10:51 Yeah, that’s fine. Yeah, I might. Might be having that internet issue. But we’ll figure that out. But you get the idea and I will a quick update.

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