Pentecost as God’s Answer to the Mess We are In


George Floyd is dead. Our cities burn. The nation is awash in wrath, judgment, recrimination and dumbfounded dismay. Against this backdrop, we send you the sermon that Pastor Nathan Hall of the Lutheran Church of the Nativity, North Conway, New Hampshire, delivered to his flock last Sunday, the Feast of Pentecost. It comes to you in video format, a first for Thursday Theology. We pray you’ll take the time to watch and listen as Pr. Hall, speaking from his study, cuts to the heart of what must be addressed by faithful Christians everywhere right now, ordained and lay alike. How is Christ crucified the gift we need most—the gift we have, thanks to God the Holy Spirit—for times like these?

Pr. Hall is a member of our Board of Directors, and for that we thank God.

Pray for yourselves, your dear ones, your neighbors, your land. But first and last, let us pray for the men, women, and children within our borders, all dear to God, who daily feel the sting off racial prejudice—evil, ugly, and ever so ingrained.

With stubborn confidence in the promises of our Lord Jesus Christ, we dare to sign off as we always do:

Peace and Joy,

The Crossings Community

On the Sunday following the Death of George Floyd:

A Pentecost Sermon

by Nathan Hall