What is Faith Seeking Understanding? It is the esteemed Reverend Steve Albertin goal to share his knowledge and expertise in biblical theology focused through the lens of the Crossings Method to explain some of the trickier questions that have faced Christians through generations.

Steve Albertin is a Board Member of Crossings and a writer for the Text Study ministry.  He is an ordained minister in the Evangelical Lutheran Church, serving as the pastor at Christ Lutheran Church, Zionsville, IN.  Steve holds M.Div. and S.T.M. degrees from Christ Seminary-Seminex and a D. Min. Degree from the Lutheran School of Theology.  Over the years, he has written several new hymns and published several collections of sermons through CSS Publications.


Faith Seeking Understanding: Episode 1 “What Is Crossings?”

The Crossings Community is an open worldwide network of Christians dedicated to connecting the Word of God and daily life under the motto, “Crossing Life with the Promise of Christ.”  What makes our approach distinctive is our commitment to a theological outlook called the proper distinction of law and gospel.

We regard the Gospel as a problem-solving message — genuine good news for sinners — and the Holy Scriptures as problem-solving literature. In a nutshell, we believe that the Gospel and the Scriptures address a festering God-problem that is in, with and under all our other problems, and for which only the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is the corresponding God-solution.

Faith Seeking Understanding: Episode 2 “What Is Law & Godpel?”

The “proper distinction between Law and Gospel” refers to a theological rule of thumb or interpretive insight for understanding the workings of God in the world. It asserts that God operates in two distinct ways: Law and Gospel. The Law refers to that activity through which God both places demands upon us (summarized by Jesus in the two love commandments: love of God and love of neighbor) and evaluates us in accordance with those demands. Those who fall short of God’s demands are described as “sinners” and inevitably reap the due consequences of that judgment.

The Gospel, by contrast, refers to that activity through which God graciously promises to reconcile sinners to himself by joining them, through faith, to the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Trusting this promise of God in Christ, sinners are adopted as children of God, regarded as holy and precious in God’s sight for Christ’s sake, and made new creatures by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Faith Seeking Understanding: Episode 3 “What Is The Crossings Method?”

The Crossings Method is a way to look at life, culture, film, literature, and Scripture through the lens of the distinction between Law and Gospel.

It is a specific process for examining Scripture and ourselves through the prism of distinguishing law and gospel.  Once we have listened to the Word of God in the biblical narrative, we set our lives, our narratives, next to it and connect them, “cross” them, to understand how faith in that Word and daily life are interwoven.

How does Gospel work? Why is it Good News?  What is the role of faith? Luther loved colorful language sometimes crude, even gross. One of my favorites was his way to describe how the Gospel works. As a SWEET SWAP!

At time of Luther a terrible disease was sweeping Germany & Europe. And this plague is till sweeping world today the Dreaded Yahbut’s Disease! Like most diseases Yahbut’s look for some medicine to control perhaps even a cure.

One of biggest criticisms of Crossings  and Luther is the idea of CHEAP GRACE. Now that you don’t have to be saved you can do anything you want. This begins with a famous contradiction:  At The Same Time FREE And SERVANT

        Christian FREE Lord of all and subject to no one

        Christian dutiful SERVANT and subject to everyone.

Where have you seen God in your life this week? A Familiar question asked in many churches sometimes even at the start of a sermon.

Answers:   Always something pleasant and happy, great weather, home from hospital, renewed health, helping someone in need, new job. I Don’t want to deny that God at work in such things BUT are the these the only places to SEE God at work?

Faith Seeking Understanding: Episode 8 “Will Everyone be Saved?”

What a great question! What about those who have never known or believed in Christ? Will they be saved? In the end, Will everyone be saved? This raises the “What about Uncle Charlie?” question.

Because everyone has an UNCLE CHARLIE.  A good man that never went to church, was never baptized, unsure if he even believed in God?

Faith Seeking Understanding: Episode 9  “Why do bad things happen to good people?

Perhaps most widely asked question by both Christians & non-Christian alike: WHY DOES AN ALL POWERFUL AND LOVING GOD PERMIT EVIL?

Or, why do bad things happen to good people? So many examples of senseless, undeserved suffering.

A vase of flowers can be admired but they’re not real.  FAKE. Which reminds me of the news about the news, all the talk about FAKE NEWS. News that not real.

There is a similar problem in church, it’s always has been a problem especially at time of Protestant Reformation. Which gospels are real and which are fake? We hear lots of talk about the Gospel, about God, about Jesus but a fake gospel.  Not real.  Disappointing.

So how to tell the real deal the what real gospel?