Gospel Blazes in the Dark


Gospel Blazes in the Dark:  A Festival of
Writing Sparked in Honor of Edward H. Schroeder

is available for purchase from the Crossings
Community, Inc. The price is $20 each, which includes shipping and handling.

This 289 page volume features eighteen articles by a diversity
of authors including Ron O’Grady, Robert
Schultz, Gary Simpson, Jerome Burce, Steven Kuhl, Marcus Lohrmann, among

This Festschrift (literally “Festival of Writing”) also includes:

The specially commissioned hymn “Gospel Blazes in
the Dark” written by Jerome Burce and set to music by David
Gooding, performed at the Festival Eucharist Service on November 6,
2005 in honor of Ed Schroeder. The book includes a full musical
score of the hymn.

Full color artwork by Fernando Arizti, Roger Brown, William Johnson and Janet McKenzie.
Each image is reproduced on its own 8.5″ x 11.0″ page.

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Contents Preface
Contributors’ Bios First Pages of Articles
Sample artwork. In the book, each image is reproduced in full color on its own 8.5″x11.0″ page Hymn Score