Crossings Film Series: Kathryn Kleinhans

by Crossings



Dr. Kleinhans talks about how the Crossings conference focuses on taking the Gospel and “crossing” it into our daily lives. She shares her excitement about the synergy among voices and theological perspectives. For her, meeting people at the conference feels like discovering family you never knew you had. She finds it a re-energizing opportunity to hear the Gospel spoken in powerful new ways, while also reinforcing and expanding the community. Dr. Kleinhans believes the Crossings conference is a place not only to hear the eternal Good News, but ALSO to hear how it is Good News for people to make use of today.

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In the early 1970s two seminary professors listened to the plea of some lay Christians. “Can you help us live out our faith in the world of daily work?” they asked. “Can you help us connect Sunday worship with our lives the other six days of the week?”  That is how Crossings was born.


The Crossings Community, Inc. welcomes all people looking for a practice they can carry beyond the walls of their church service and into their daily lives. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, ethnic origin, or gender in any policies or programs.

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