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Thursday Theology -full listing Crossings Film Series
  • Marriage and the Hard Heart
    Co-missioners, Our editor, Jerry Burce, is still the full-time pastor he was when took up with Crossings two decades ago. Much of his theological work spills out in the sermons he preaches at Messiah Lutheran Church in Fairview Park, Ohio, a suburb of Cleveland. Here’s one from the Sunday before last. We pass it along with ...
  • Justification is Not the Gospel?
    Co-missioners, In recent decades a group of New Testament scholars have set lots of Protestant teeth on edge with a so-called “new perspective on Paul.” They argue among other things that the 16th century reformers skewed Paul’s gospel by equating it with his teaching on “justification by faith.”
  • What the Pandemic is Teaching Me about Church
    Co-missioners, Carol Braun reflects today on how the pandemic has driven changes in the way she thinks about church and appreciates it too. We think you’ll want to share this widely. We pray that you will.
  • Finding Gospel in Mark’s Gospel
    Co-missioners, So you thought we had it tough at church last month when we struggled through five successive Sundays of John 6? Comes suddenly another challenge for preachers and listeners alike: a stretch of texts from Mark 8 through 10 that leave us wondering where the good news is.
  • Getting Sermons to Stick
    Co-missioners, Fourteen months ago we published an essay by Pr. Paul Theiss (ELCA, retired) about the potential of small group ministry to help churches rebound from the pandemic. Today Paul reflects on an older and perennial plague that continues to afflict the Church.
  • From Prophecy to Promise
    Co-missioners, Matt Metevelis reflects today on current anxieties about the future of the church and its institutions. As you’ll notice in the opening paragraph of his essay, there couldn’t be a better day than this for getting it to you. God grant encouragement as you read.
  • Lust, Trust, and Scrambled Eggs
    Co-missioners, Our editor reflects this week on a pressing issue of our day. Seriously! Don’t let the opening paragraphs fool you.
  • Good News for the Privileged
    Co-missioners, The gap between rich and poor gets ever wider in the United States—in the world as a whole, for that matter. God has much to say about this, also through people who can’t imagine they’re speaking for him. Today Carol Braun wrestles with the dilemma
  • A New Chapter
    Co-missioners, A new chapter in Thursday Theology launches next week. Some months ago I pulled together an editorial support team comprising Steve Hitchcock, recently retired from Bread for the World; Bruce Modahl, retired pastor par excellence and current editor of Crossings’ quarterly newsletter; and Carol Braun, an online teacher of math and physics for an ...
  • In the Throes of John 6
    Co-missioners, This week we send along a homily by our favorite Lutheran in Episcopal clothing, Steve Kuhl. He delivered it in Milwaukee a few days ago, on the third of five successive Sundays that feature a piece of John 6 as the Gospel for the day. Read More