In the Throes of John 6

Co-missioners, This week we send along a homily by our favorite Lutheran in Episcopal clothing, Steve Kuhl. He delivered it in Milwaukee a few days ago, on the third of five successive Sundays that feature a piece of John 6 as the Gospel for the day.

A Quick Thought, A Quick Announcement

Co-missioners, Our editor is enmeshed in some family responsibilities this week—all good, to use a phrase that merits some musing in future weeks. He left us two items to pass along to you. Both are brief.

Christ and the Human Condition, 2021

Co-missioners, The exhibitionism of our latest space adventurers, Messrs. Branson and Bezos—Musk perhaps to follow—prompted Mike Hoy to pen the essay we send you this week. Michael the Confessor (as we ought to call him) will drive us to Christ for the hope these others would seem to offer but can’t begin to.

A Parent’s Wedding-Day Dilemma

Co-missioners, Lori Cornell reflects this week on an agony that many other Gospel-trusting parents are facing of late as their children lapse into adulthood. Lori is the long-time editor of the six-step text studies you get from Crossings every week.

Genuine Freedom

Co-missioners, A quick note, tongue somewhat in cheek, before we get to today’s main item: We’ve been hearing in recent weeks about the intense heat on North America’s west coast, reaching all the way up to Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia. An ELCA pastor in that area posted a photo some days ago of the Paschal candle in his or her church. It struck us as an apt metaphor of what becomes of the Church when Christ is not preached.

Preaching the Prognosis

Co-missioners, Early in the Easter season we brought you an essay on preaching by Steve Hitchcock. Turns out that Steve had more to say. Here’s his second installment, as helpful for Gospel-minded preachers as the first one was.

Revisiting Patriotism

Co-missioners, Noticing that America’s July 4th super-holiday falls on a Sunday this year, Matt Metevelis was moved to nudge us—his fellow preachers in particular—into some better and deeper thinking about the idea of patriotism. We’re pleased to share his argument with you.

Why is God “Jealous,” Etc.

Co-missioners, This week we send a smattering of items that landed recently in our editor’s “Passing Thoughts” file. Perhaps you’ll find them of interest. If so, there are more where these came from.

On Making Decisions in Light of the Gospel

Co-missioners, As we’ve mentioned here before, Steve Kuhl serves as priest at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in South Milwaukee. Lately he’s been sending us pieces that he writes for the saints there. Another arrived a few days ago. It has to do with revisions to worship plans as vaccination rates increase and the pandemic eases.

God Suffers?

Co-missioners: With Trinity Sunday still in the rearview mirror we send along another item unearthed from our library. It’s a sketchy little piece by Ed Schroeder about an old issue in Trinitarian theology that continues to resonate in our day.