A Scientist’s Easter Witness


This will be the shortest post ever. I wish this Easter week merely to pass along a brief essay that a Facebook friend inserted in the daily feed. It’s by one Ian Hutchison, a brother in Christ of whom I knew nothing until today. He teaches at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He also brings energy and diligence to the ongoing conversation between faith and science, or so it appears from a brief glance online. Right now he wants the world to know that he’s “celebrating the resurrection of Jesus.” As are you. As am I. I direct you to his thoughts to help us celebrate together.

The essay is entitled “Can a scientist believe in the resurrection? Three hypotheses.” When you reach the end, be sure to scroll down to browse the comments. There’s one by a Kenneth Bozeman about “the foolishness of God” that rang bells with me. The Easter Sunday horror in Lahore came to mind as the bells rang.

Indeed Christ is risen! Alleluia! See the holes in his hands, his feet, his side! Speaking of Lahore, let our Easter faith keep spilling out in determined and confident prayer to this Lord and Master of Things Impossible, who raises the dead, exorcises evil, forgives even heinous sin, and holds his own in a Love—the Father’s heart—that nothing can deny. May his will be done, and quickly, in this bitter, angry world.

Peace and Joy,

Jerry Burce